Alice in sexland webcomic

Anyplace where Ashika, Sakura appeared will now show Gokurakuin, Sakurako.

(But her pen name was actually Sakura, Ashika, but no one was using this in the database.) 4319/Ashika_Sakura 2976/Sakura_Ashika 2570/Sakurako_Gokurakuin This one-shot dj was removed 5333/Lovers_and_Souls_dj_-_Vanity since it was published in the following tankoubon: 903/Lovers_and_Souls Also, pardon me for the frequent edits of Rules (by Miyamoto, Kano) and all its related works in the last week or so as I sorted out the correct information. I wonder about removal of doujin Nyoro-n Churuya-san. The 5-volume long "History's Strongest Disciple" got removed, at least, it disappeared from my list without any know reason (yet).

But many people confused it with a duplicate entry, is that the reason, or do you actually have a good reason to remove a manga from MAL?

There were 4 different versions of "History's Strongest Disciple" in the queue. if there was further editing, I wouldn't know about it. id=11003 The 2nd was merged into the first (Wild Darling).

La distribución de manga en esta página es exclusivamente de obras NO licenciadas en México.

Si el manga que descargas esta licenciado en tu país, por favor compra el trabajo ORIGINAL. The distribution of mangas in this page is exclusive to projects NOT licensed in Mexico.

That one has Wild Cats 1 and 2 plus the Himitsu prologue, while the one that was deleted was better because it contained the entire Wild Cats story, chapters 1-3.

It was probably deleted because the mod doing it didn't know the backstory (I had to go back and read the thread myself).

Yo-Jin-Bo The Bodyguards (12122) is a visual novel (aka a game), not a print novel. These three people have been combined since they are the same person.Hoppie's Bear will also be merged into White Clouds.Beware the Full Moon (13471) is part of this manga.Wondering why an entry appears to be removed from your list? This thread contains notifications of entry merges, removals and denials done to the manga database. Other entry had better quality image and people had already started adding it. which is a shoujo manga by Mito Orihara, actually belongs to Aishiteru (no period) by Youko Fujitani, a yaoi manga.

If something still appears to missing from your list and is not posted here, please feel free to make a short and concise inquiry. Kingdom Hearts II dj - Acid Rain (12109) -Not by original author Kingdom Hearts II dj - Colourful Sky (12110) -Not by original author Kingdom Hearts II dj - Trust Your Love (12111) -Not by original author Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - (12106) -Not by original author Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! It is listed under the main title I Love You, but you can search for it using "Aishiteru" So that's where I actually put the picture.Rather than submitting a new submission for it (because we don't want two Wild Cats in the DB), let's make the changes to the current Wild Cats entry to reflect your version. That sounds better, since Himitsu was published separately anyway (I don't own those books so I don't know 100% if the prologue is in there).


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