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And they have since come a long way from teenagers hawking second-hand clothes online from their bedrooms.parents were affected by the 1997 Asian financial crisis." data-reactid="31"Back then, selling clothes online was a way for them to earn extra pocket money, especially since their parents were affected by the 1997 Asian financial crisis.But this sideline business soon turned into a full-time venture; and Lim even left Nanyang Technology University when she was 19 to focus on building the brand.Active ingredients include Niacinamide, a Vitamin B derivative known for its ability to even out splotchy skin tones through inhibiting melanin from transferring to the epidermis.Besides the whitening effect, Niacinamide is also effective against acne and to plump out skin that’s looking tired and dry.The brightening effect starts the very moment you rub the cream over the parts that you want to brighten.It gives a natural glow so that you don't look sickly pale, but have healthy fair skin!Aside from providing superb moisture, this cream has a moisturizing effect that gives an instant glow.


There were many blogshops emerging at that time, and they were all offering similar clothes but at lower prices.With constant use daily, you will even achieve permanent skin whitening and fairness.The Koreans are #1 when it comes to skin whitening products, and we’re not just talking about getting a shade or two lighter.When Velda left the firm in 2013, Lim handled branding and product design, while Tan oversaw business development and financing.


Having built a strong foundation in Singapore, the enterprising duo decided to expand the company overseas, first in Malaysia and Indonesia in 2015, then in Cambodia in 2016.greatest number of sign-ups came from Malaysia (10 per cent after Singapore’s 85 per cent) so it was a natural progression for them to go regional." data-reactid="72"Exterior of the flagship store / Image Credit: Prestige Located at [email protected], the boutique takes over the 4,603 square-feet space on the second floor previously occupied by American fast-fashion giant Forever 21.already“A lot of people say that retail is dead.They have formulated the perfect skin concept: pearly, dewy, naturally fair, spotless and luminous.


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