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Special delivery does not provide timed delivery, telephone confirmation of delivery or compensation for delay or consequential loss.See table below for compensation available and the cost of the service including postage. The fee payable in addition to postage is £6.00, if your ‘International Signed for’ item is lost or damaged; compensation is up to £50.You must include a form PFU 509/CP72 with these, get one from your local Post Office.Business Commercial customers will be supplied with relevant documentation.Check the weight of the item to be covered for compensation in the first column and read off the cost in the second column, this includes postage. Further compensation is available for £2.50 and gives compensation up to £250 (depending on the country).


In such cases Alcohol: Booze and bullets do not mix!

The consumption of alcohol on operations is strictly controlled and the sending of alcoholic drinks in parcels sent under the Mo D funded Enduring Families Free Mail Service is forbidden.


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