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The modules are taught in London, Beijing and Bangalore, giving you an exposure to contrasting regional business cultures in key global locations.You will learn alongside classmates from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, enriching the cross-cultural learning experience.We take a broader view of the real business world, based on our excellence as the #2 ranked institution in the world for social science and management.We give you an understanding of the socio-economic and geo-political forces impacting businesses worldwide, and the intellectual tools to succeed with complex challenges in the rapidly changing global environment.Foundations of Management A uniquely integrated course which provides an overview of the development of key management disciplines.Students will develop a greater understanding of the disciplinary anchors in sociology, psychology and economics as they relate to modern management theory and practice.Teaching is conducted in seven short (one to two week) intensive classroom modules, requiring a maximum of nine weeks out of the office over the 17-month programme duration.The modules draw direct practical learning from contrasting business cultures across the world, located in London, Beijing and Bangalore.


Rather than a traditional practice-focused approach, we take a deeper exploration into the root causes of business challenges, and examine the global architecture in which organisations operate.Financial Management The aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive overview of firms' financial decision making.The course is designed to provide an applied and practical approach to finance, enabling the students to address topical issues that modern corporations face.This will develop your intellectual decision-making skills, and develop your talent as an innovative and adaptible global leader.

All students will undertake a series of core courses covering the essential pillars of management and leadership in the global business environment.We provide experienced working professionals in any industry with a unique combination of intellectual skills, networks and practical abilities to achieve outstanding career success in management and leadership.


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