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FULL POST In anticipation of tonight's documentary, "The Bully Effect," we've heard from many of you on Facebook and Twitter and AC360There's a clear common thread from people representing different age groups, ethnicities, locations, and background: we must take action to prevent children from suffering at the hands of bullies.FULL POST CNN and the Cartoon Network's presentation of the AC360° special feature, "The Bully Effect," spotlight a serious issue affecting children across our nation.The film underscores the damaging consequences of bullying and the need to prevent and respond to it.One girl who was arrested is 14 years old, the other is just 12, and they are charged with aggravated stalking.Anderson spoke with Rebecca's mother before today's developments.Bullying for me was violent and, at times, terrifying. In the early days of making the film, it was about validating the experience for myself and for others who have experienced the humiliation and sadness of being a victim.Now, the key question is how do we tap into the momentum the film has generated to create lasting, positive change?


While browsing My Space one day, he saw that someone from school had posted a bulletin - a message visible to multiple people - declaring that Turley was a "fag." Students he had never even spoken with wrote on it, too, saying they agreed.Lawmakers have a responsibility to ensure that our schools are safe, which is why I have made addressing this problem a priority in the United States Senate.I firmly believe that all children have a right to an education free from fear of being bullied.FULL POST The new AC360° documentary, "The Bully Effect," follows the lives of families who were featured in the eye-opening film "Bully," and also the filmmaker Lee Hirsch.

CNN producers dedicated a year to tracing their journeys of self-discovery, and the transformative experiences they had as a result of the movie.

Access to the Internet and social media websites mean kids can be bullied and tormented around the clock, even in the supposed safety of their own homes.



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