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If you’re more comfortable in black or neutrals, hooray for bright, colorful shoes! Your photog will scout the locations he or she wants to use before the shoot.E shoots should be outdoors, forget a studio portrait.One of my favorite E shoots of all time is a great example of what to wear. See how Stephanie and Stephen used a prop to get playful in their shoot? Plus, you can’t go wrong with a sweet dress, wide waist belt and cowboy boots! The photog will ask you to bring a few changes of clothes, about two or three outfits.Choose outfits that are very “you,” but that photograph nicely.It’s too darn cozy and warm, not to mention the perfect shade of camel, to care.I love this coat so much I have it in both camel and stone.


Many shots will be full-length, so make sure you wear great shoes.Joanna & Cooper did part of their E shoot with a watering can and another part in Cooper’s kitchen, cooking breakfast. (OK, I just like ruffles.) The white chairs in her fiance’s backyard are a great prop, too. This couple shot in an open field, so Jordyn’s dress and bright yellow heels become the focal point against a subtle backdrop.Bradley & Jordyn also used a slew of great props: a bicycle, basket of peaches, even a puppy! And, don’t be afraid to show off your assets (she has great legs, doesn’t she? E shoots are about fun, personality, and a little sass. Bradley’s simple white shirt and bow tie complement the vintage feel.When I spotted the Kate shawl coat from Boohoo, I decided to take a chance.


Since it only comes in one size fits all I knew I would have to get it tailored. Due to the oversized nature of the coat, it’s still quite large even after alterations, but at this point, I’m just rolling with it.

Natalie Dressed I’ve always loved seeing people bundled up in wrap coats, especially the camel ones.



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    Then a year later, Wrangler Jeans Company became the official jean of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 8 race team, leading to a new generation of Wrangler.

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