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https:// Top English Page (External link) Yes, there is.

A search service “J-Plat Pat” which is run by the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) provides databases of publications of patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark.

In addition, the publications of granted patents and granted utility models are also included in this database. To conduct a search, select either ‘A: Publication of patent application’ or ‘B: Publication of examined/granted patent’ from the pull-down menu of ‘Kind’ and then enter document number you would like to retrieve. You can search the PAJ by inputting either keywords or publication numbers of unexamined patent applications.

If you have any questions on how to use this database, you can go to “Help list” to see an outline of the database. You can use a combination of keywords by selecting AND/OR.

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The Patent Act in English is available through the following URL. id=42&vm=04&re=01 (External link) The Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-Plat Pat) on the website of the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) is a service to provide patent information for free of charge.Please refer to FAQ 5-4: "Does the Japan Patent Office provide English translations of Japanese patents or utility models?


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