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In the Okanagan, which was vis- ed before coming to the Ooeet, the packing and spraying operations were studied through the kindness afforded tliem by In the In- dustry and others.

Munro, and his .staff liad been equally attentive to them while here.

Presentation of prises by Queen Bronwen to winners of ex-service organization^ essay competition: winning team.s of ro be;ng given the Ooremment bill incorporating the proposed amendmonu to the Pen- sio B Act, midst Mbioh tha vhoto machinery for dsattng with soldisrs cases win be overhauled. About ao per cent of all eases s Ull wll T be haaid by the Pension Board. Bennett had asked that corre- spondence be fabled A-, a matter of fact, the New Zealand Govern- ment had requested in one portion of the Interohanf O. Surely we have the men with the necessary vision and ability to develop these gifts In a manner which will be tx ;ieficial tr our own people and to a world wait- ing to receive au T pvaduats and manufacture.';. SATURDAY, MAV J4, l'30 f h i TEA A Mixture oi JJntish- Qrowii Fine leas, direct from the Gar- dens in Ceylon and India. Grocers Sell Ii HAIHINERY IS STUDIED Agi 11 ultural P.u t\ I^ I Iric lioin Old ('i)unti\ to naii Irnpleiueiib CALL TO SEE PREMIER TOLNIE Passive Resistance Weill Exemplified FAip Oini FOK W PPDIOl HAWAIUXN, lowm.

\ni:: n Mippurted by sixteen princes.'-- ' *s Phv Ui.'^ Dod.^- wonh. Bank Street School; Edna Lackk, Beacon Sill School; Mar- guerite Mac Leod, Ktefston ^Bttvet School; Mavis Barker. Schrol; Zeliiia v\ u Ue, ticoigc Jay School, Bern Ice Unwln, Margaret Jenkins School; Marguerite Davles, North Ward School; Iial Ml Shtarefr, Oak- landa School; Jtuth Shepherd, Qaadra Sehd Ol; Katherine Sceats, Sir Jan ' .sixteen glrl.s t Hlr . Tck over the short spnn nf our lives we see wonderful pi w ■ s has been made. OUR SEfttfl GE DEPENDABILITY PUNCTUALITY ECONOMY Tliest! (^■overnment Street Phonss 8950 and 509 Tlis Best MEATS at Uie Lowest PRICES 9^ CSa XUUa O, May 23.— The bird has flown and quite a few staid finan- cien m the twenty-thr m eto ry Btete Bank Ba Odtag ta the La Ballc Street district can new go back to work without further ado The building is in the shape of a hollow square intn ihi.s «quare the bird, believed to be a brown thrush. Potk, er Ih QO/a i Lamb Stew, Ma W I per lb QQ«% Sausafc, Ntw I WWV i Special.

• had never had such honor extended to him as the praaent oc- casion presented.

Tlie Premier wa.s greeted with proliiiifed upplaiusp when he rose to spe^i )! L;rcc ol complete satij;faclioii that fills every need. the insurance broiier B and Invo Bt- ment bankers who had spent hours watching the rssctts affor U learned that a wren had been caught dur- ing the night in the same prediea- ment as the Ihmsh t u: had leen unable to eicape Th^ w Ten wsji found deed at ii K bottom of the bralsnitar Tot Koast.

Train yourselves to develop this province." the Premier appealed. An additional technician Is t« be engaged to assist the department The monthly statistics of the in- stitution showed that during tiie month of April there had been 7,17J; hospital days, with an average num- ber of patients in the hospital of 239 per day. in connection with the ghoice of the I Incoming directorate.


"Remain in the country by an means, and if you win stick by British Columbia It Will assursdly stick by you." DB. L, Macmlllan, of Vancouver, he felt "like one coming home from a strange land " He supposed he represented all the old school boys who had turned up for the re- union as well as those that did not. e and In- vention since he wns a boy, all of which made the world a better place for the ^choolboy of today, giving h Un greater opportunities. It war an- nounced that the Tepresentatives of I the medical prcrfession on the board for the year dbmrnmefnv 9uiy i would be Drs. ■ rij the convention and in a speech strongly arraigned the OOVWrnn OBl X0« its fiscal policy. It Is blamed chiefly on disturbed conditions in Tndla. for Old English tulips, wild tulips, bl-colors, yellow.s, purple and lavender, and for twelve panaiss: seconds lor display tulips, whlta daffodils and Rembrandt tulips: and thirds for hardy border flowers, tulips (six distinct), Iris and double tulipft. Mc Ka\ lia.s now won forty- seven prises at shows this season, as osmparad Mth IM yrlam in im saason. I expsct When you go to F^ea you try to ba OS oarofnl as pr.^. They were the som and thf descendants of the pioneers. Royal Engineers, and the goldseekers of the Cariboo. Jay said he could not let the opportun- ity pass without referring to tlie part Mr Emr.! making pos- sible the aeonomleal tise of 'pul- verised coal' have opened up new possibilities for the profitable opara- tlon of our coal fleldn and It Is un- necessary to tell you what It would niean to our fwn ilty and the piov- Ince in general, should it be fotmd that as a fuel, pulvsrlsed So€ Our Specials ip tli^ Colonist " Tomorrow ■.


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