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This summer, many theaters will be showcasing a live stream Jimmy Buffet concert, which in 2014 doesn’t seem to fit, but does the drive-in belong in the age of i Pads and 3-D printing? Because the drive-in’s quaint nature is no more than it advertises.

The biggest event to happen to the drive-in industry, switching to digital, is advertised on dated websites with glittery backdrops that remind you of an early America Online profile. In its simplicity, affordable tickets bring communities together on sticky summer nights and that’s a rarity today.

He oversees congregational worship and provides leadership to our worship teams.

Josh and his wife Stefanie have two children, Elliot and Phoebe.

Both of our school age children have loved all the teachers at Irving Elementary School.

I also have the wonderful privilege of being a soccer coach for Deportivo Juniors.

We feel completely embraced and loved by the people at Calvary and have loved partnering with the volunteer leadership team for high school ministries.


He has released multiple worship albums, most recently “The Light of Christ” (2012) and “One Step Closer to Home” (2014). Worth Texas, managed the dining department at Dallas Seminary for five years, pastored high school students for four years in Tulsa Oklahoma, and explored church planting under Joe Thorn's mentoring at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Joey contributed Chapter 37: "Bringing the Multiplication Mindset Home" to Make Mature Multiply: Becoming Fully Formed Disciples of Jesus.Gerald and his wife Jill live in Oak Park and have four children.


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    It’s important to stay professional, and guys I train with need to see me as a fighter and a teammate or it gets too complicated.” A Couchsurfer since 2009, Jessie has traveled the globe using the service.

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    [ Practical, Applied, Theory-Free Jew Teaching for Everyone | Race | Religion | Philosophy | History of Ideas | ...

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    BY NOW YOU KNOW that the past few years have been extraordinary ones in the life of Taylor Swift.

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    Greece, who lost their opener 3-0 to Colombia, hassled and harried the Japanese to stay in the match after Katsouranis was dismissed in the 38th minute for taking Japan captain Makoto Hasebe's legs away from underneath him.

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    Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path is translated in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.

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