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Some of these men were Union Generals George Mc Clellan, Henry Halleck, George Meade, and Confederate generals Robert E. The progression of the war demonstrated the South's disadvantage in engineering expertise; of the initial 65 cadets who resigned from West Point to accept positions with the Confederate Army, only seven were placed in the Corps of Engineers.

To overcome this obstacle, the Confederate Congress passed legislation that gave a company of engineers to every division in the field; by 1865, they actually had more engineer officers serving in the field of action than the Union Army.

Corps of Engineers' professionals use the knowledge and skills honed on both military and civil projects to support the U. and local communities in the areas of real estate, contracting, mapping, construction, logistics, engineering, and management experience.

Forward Engineer Support Teams, FEST-A's or FEST-M's, may accompany combat engineers to provide immediate support, or to reach electronically into the rest of USACE for the necessary expertise.

The Army Corps of Engineers served as a main function in making the war effort logistically feasible.



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